Baby and Child Care: From Pre-birth through the Teen Years

Baby and Child Care: From Pre-birth through the Teen Years



  •  25 Special Concerns sections that cover topics such as fevers in small children, effective discipline, ADHD, cyberspace safety, and more, Medical Reference section with detailed definitions/descriptions of common childhood illnesses and medical conditions, Emergency Care section that includes information on 911 calls, preventive safety, and what to do when your child needs immediate medical attention.
  • Illustrations, photographs, and charts to help you comprehend recommended techniques and recognize specific diseases and conditions, New expanded sections on immunizations and nutrition!
  • Hardcover: 928 pages
  • Language: English
  • Author: Family Focus
  • ISBN: 9781414313054

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Unlike any other book of its kind, the Complete Guide to Baby & Child Care takes a balanced, commonsense approach to rearing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy children. This indispensable guide delivers practical and critical information parents need to know in a straightforward format.


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