Revolution Bible For Teens

Revolution:The Bible for Teen Guys

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Fill your hands with Revolution. It will open your eyes, strengthen your courage, and guide you like a compass toward a life worth living.


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The book is for every guy who wants to live a revolutionary life. The NIV Revolution Bible for teens equips you to be a revolutionary―living your faith on the edge, challenging things that need to be challenged, discovering new possibilities, and helping others to discover them as well. Like no other Bible you have ever read, NIV Revolution Bible for teens is for today’s teen guy living in a messy world. God knows all about this world―he is the authority when it comes to understanding relationships, communication, sex, parents, popularity, peer pressure, drugs, divorce, and everything else teenagers face. He also knows what makes you tick, loves you more than you can ever imagine, and wants you to experience a life of purpose, responsibility, and impact. A revolution of the heart isn’t about how confident, strong, or popular you are. It’s about what God can do in you and through you. He can revolutionize your relationships, your opportunities, and the whole course of your life. He can use you to change the world around you. Are you ready to find out how? Then look inside, and let the revolution begin. This Bible strengthens you and hones your spiritual revolutionary edge: “”Battle lines”” show you how other teen guys deal with relationships, sex, drug abuse, and other real-life issues; “”Match-Ups”” pit the good guys against the bad guys of the Bible to uncover winning―and losing―approaches to life; “”Live the Revolution”” notes show you how to change your life and revolutionize your impact on others. And there’s plenty more―enough to help you make a kingdom-difference in the world around you.

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