LEGO City Great Vehicles 60060 Auto Transporter


Deliver the shiny new cars to the LEGO City dealerships with the amazing Auto Transporter! Detach the trailer, lower the ramps and offload the cool sports cars. After the customer signs the clipboard, lift the ramps back into position, hook up the trailer and jump back in the cab ready to collect more vehicles for the eager customers! Collect this and all the other vehicles in the Great Vehicles range! Includes 2 mini figures with assorted accessories: a driver and a dealer. The Auto Transporter playset, part of the LEGO City Great Vehicles range, features the Auto Transporter and two cool sports cars. The Auto Transporter features opening doors, lowering ramps, and a detachable trailer. Accessories include a clipboard and a briefcase.

Enjoy watching your kids have fun as they learn such valuable lifestyle skills as problem-solving, organization and creativity with LEGO City Complete Sets of the Auto Transporter and Packs. Each box contains a LEGO project to entertain and teach. With more than 80 years of experience, the LEGO brand understands how to create products that balance fun with cognitive development.

An average day in the city is a lot more fun when it is re-imagined and recreated through the perspectives of the LEGO City theme. More than just a building tool, a LEGO table can inspire hours of creative play with help from these adorable character figures. An approachable project for kids and beginners that offers plenty of room for customization, it comes with a total of 350 pieces in the box. Recommended for ages 5 and older.


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